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For the economic development of the German-Danish programme area, the cross-border use of the growth potential is of crucial importance. A central challenge is the digital transformation of the world of work. The rapid development of digital technologies is leading to an increasing replacement of humans by robots, self-learning software or e-Manufacturing. This goes hand in hand with changes in professions for which innovative educational opportunities are needed to prepare future skilled workers for the necessary competence requirements. However, according to international comparative studies, the education systems in Germany and Denmark are not prepared for this. There is therefore an urgent need for action to ensure that young people can enter the world of work with a digital-technological basic education in a timely manner.

Accordingly, the DiASper project (Digital Working World from School Perspective) aims to increase the skills on occupationally relevant digital technologies among young people in the programme area in order to prepare future skilled workers for the working world 4.0 in the border region. In order to quickly achieve a broad impact, an innovative approach is the implementation of aspects of digital technologies of the working world 4.0 in the regular school lessons of the MINT subjects.

In the project, learning contents are identified together with chambers of commerce, which address both the curricular contents of the MINT subjects and the digital technologies of the world of work 4.0. In cooperation with schools, teaching proposals will be developed and evaluated, which will then be made available to teachers via web platforms as Open Educational Resources (OER). In the further development of the teaching concepts, the project work will take into account experience from the IT use of Danish schools as well as experience with the use of OER platforms from Schleswig-Holstein.

The DiASPer project will succeed in modernising MINT school teaching and enable young people to acquire a basic education in digital technologies of the working world 4.0. The project contributes to a sustainable increase in the degree of integration in the education sector and thus improves the use of growth potential in the German-Danish programme region.

DiASper is a cooperation project between the IPN Leibniz Institute for Science and Mathematics Education, Kiel, and the Teknologiskolen at the Syddansk Universitet, Odense.

The project is funded by the Interreg program Germany - Danmark of the European Union.

For questions or further information on the project please contact Marc Wilken (IPN): wilken@leibniz-ipn.de

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